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This unique vibrating, pulsing cradle has two powerful motors that work together for your pleasure. Two wing-shaped tails almost intersect like an embrace to create a circular nest that buzzes and throbs in 10 different speeds – with 3 different intensities each!

Gender X The Embrace

  • Designed in USA

    Material Silicone

    Dimensions: Length 7.32" Depth 3.31" Width 2.28"

    Patterns: 10 vibrating and tapping speeds

    Speed: 3 levels of intensity per function

    Additional Functions: 

    • Motors controlled together
    • Flexible double-flap embrace
    • Ergonomic handle, easy to use controls

    Power Source USB 

    Run time: 70 minutes at highest settings

    Charge Time: 120 minutes

    Water Resistance Waterproof

    Warranty: 5 Years

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